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 About Us
GLOBAL HERBS PHARMACEUTICALS, PUNE is established in 2006 by Dr. Shantanu R. Joshi- A scholar of Ayurveda and Modern Medicine.
Our mission is to produce safe, effective, pharmaceutical grade, standardized herbal medicines with the help of modern technology.
The formulations of ours have a base of more than decade long clinical experience of Dr. Shantanu R. Joshi and Dr. Mrs. Sakshi S. Joshi. It means that, these are clinically tested and proven medicines.
We are progressing with our unique mission to formulate herbal medicines with their properties mentioned and proven by both Ayurvedic and Modern medical science. We are very much successful in clinical application of this theory.
We are amongst the fast emerging pharmaceutical companies in Maharashtra. The baseline of our work and progress is Research approach. We have designed effective medicines against many diseases like PCOS, GOUT, INFERTILTY, etc. and we are bound ourselves to design many more like these.
Today, we cover good range of medicines in General Health, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Obesity, Skin Diseases, Infertility, Migraine, etc.
We are strong supporters of standardization of herbal medicines. So, we have conducted a clinical trial of our product Uricnil and also conducted a post-marketing survey of our product PCOSnil.
We own well equipped manufacturing unit, Quality control department but our real asset is dynamic staff we have in all departments of company. We are inspired by the saying
“Team work is a fuel to produce uncommon results by common people.”
Thousands of satisfied customers are the inspiration to us to march along this path to success. We assure our customers to try our best to deliver good products in future also as we know that, Quality is the end result of continuous, dedicated efforts.
Products : Aciglob  |  Adi Capsules  |  Aminorm  |  Arthoglob  |  Calciglob  |  DCL  |  Evegyn  |  Galactex  |  Glolax  |  Gobes  |  Himpause  |  Iriglob (Feriglob)
  L-Glob  |  Lithoglob  |  Migraglob  |  Nefroglob  |  Ossimet  |  PCOSnil  |  Piloglob  |  Respi-G  |  Rhumaglob  |  SP-Max  |  TORCH-XV  |  Uricnil  |  V-Glob
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